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7 of the 18 clients interviewed for this Baltimore/Washington SmartCEO July 2008 article (PDF) were Wayne Caskey's.

Executive Life Coaching

Maximizing Your Potential

Beneficial for CEOs, senior executives and entrepreneurs, executive life coaching helps professionals make the most of their professional and personal lives.

From Years of Experience

  • 13 years of Fortune 500 executive team experience
    Gained sophisticated overview of all aspects of business
  • 8 years as CEO of three start-up to mid-size companies
    Led from a mix of entrepreneurial and collaborative styles through business successes and failures
  • 31 years of experience in manufacturing, service and finance industries
    Developed an understanding of cross-industry disciplines, and the right questions to ask

Reputation for Authenticity and Support

Wayne is known for his heartfelt support of his clients’ goals, respect for their values, and dedication to their growth. He holds a B.A. cum laude in economics from Harvard and a J.D. from Yale. He is a member of the elite Executive Coaching Summit and holds multiple certifications from coaching organizations. For five years he has written the Caskey's Corner column for smartCEO magazine.

Articles to Read

Getting Started

To learn more, or to schedule a complimentary sample session, contact Wayne Caskey.

Coaching Success Stories

CEO of growth company found new strength in leading through downsizing and divestiture:

"Most coaches are not former CEOs and don’t have the background to provide the insight you can. Like a good CEO, you lead with your heart. You have an incredible ability to ‘tune in’ to the specific needs of your client. If there’s an issue lurking beneath the surface, you’ll uncover it and probe in depth. I need that.”

Recently promoted president of global metals processing and trading company:

"You accelerated by understanding of and comfort with my new responsibilities. Your coaching enabled me to align my personal efforts with the most urgent business goals...I was able to resolve crucial performance issues within my senior international executive team efficiently by using you as a sounding board for my actions."

COO of Fortune 10 subsidiary rejected slow-moving bureaucracy to pursue his dream of autonomy and rapid response:

“You’ve helped me establish a clear set of personal and business goals, and provided the regular opportunity to withdraw and focus on them. Now I understand how issues in business and personal life are connected.”

Woman VP in medical software company:

“My new professional and personal directions would not have come to be if I had not learned to ask new questions, consider new options, challenge old assumptions, and generally ‘open up’ to a more gremlin-free way of living. Thank you so much for your help, and your interest, and your encouragement.”

Consulting environmental engineer/scientist reordered work and personal priorities to maximize fulfillment:

“You’re a good listener and you’ve helped me get things back on track. Because you have no vested interest in outcomes, I feel comfortable getting my ideas on the table. Thanks to our coaching relationship, my decisiveness has been restored.”

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