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7 of the 18 clients interviewed for this Baltimore/Washington SmartCEO July 2008 article (PDF) were Wayne Caskey's.

Spiritual Life Coaching

Progressing on Your Path

Beneficial for spiritual seekers, spiritual life coaching helps anyone trying to make progress on his or her spiritual and personal journey.

From Years of Experience

  • 7 years of Psychoanalysis
    Surfaced anger and admitted emotional abandonment
  • 4 years of Codependents Anonymous
    Forgave self and others
  • 3 years of The Course in Miracles
    Transcended traditional religion
  • 8 years of facilitation and leadership at The Institute for the Advancement of Service
    Transitioned from being a wounded healer to healing the healer
  • 3 years of the Diamond  Heart Approach
    Fused approaches of Western psychology with Eastern and Western spirituality
  • 8 years of receiving psychological and spiritual coaching
    Embraced shadow and vanquished fear to stand in joy, happiness and uproarious laughter

Reputation for Authenticity and Support

Wayne is known for his heartfelt support of his clients’ goals, respect for their values, and dedication to their growth. He holds a B.A. cum laude in economics from Harvard and a J.D. from Yale. He is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and certified facilitator and mediator. He is currently pursuing an advanced certification in evolutionary coaching from The Evolutionary Institute.

Articles to Read

Getting Started

To learn more, or to schedule a complimentary sample session, contact Wayne Caskey. For Wayne's additional services in the spiritual area, see his blog Energy Works.

Spiritual Journeys Wayne has Coached

Coach and health service entrepreneur affirmed his self-worth in the midst of relationship and career trials:

"I have had many coaches and become a powerful coach myself. Wayne combines a humble and easy going manner with an incredible depth of compassion and intuition. Besides coaching me through career change and an ending relationship, he affirmed and uplifted my Spirit. I realized that I am enough and, in fact, extraordinary."

Devout minority entrepreneur grounded his faith in a larger vision for himself and service to his people and all people:

"You held the space for me to realize you are right—I have a giant Spirit."

Former financial executive, who, as coach and workshop leader, confronted and overcame his spiritual fears:

"You created and held a space where I could be fully angry, vent, tell the truth and learn from that. I never believed that coaching could help me spiritually connect. Yours did. From a place of death, you helped me reemerge in a new place—a spiritual rebirth. Your motto is ‘Love, Support and Challenge’—I felt all of that."

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