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7 of the 18 clients interviewed for this Baltimore/Washington SmartCEO July 2008 article (PDF) were Wayne Caskey's.

Political Life Coaching

Maximizing Your Influence

Beneficial for political office holders, candidates, operatives, lobbyists and consultants, political life coaching helps people maximize their influence in politics and order in their personal lives.

From Years of Experience As

  • Regional political boss
    Combined the zeal of reform with the practical nuts and bolts to ensure election of the entire ticket
  • Regional political candidate
    Lost intense political campaign following hard on the heels of election, despite best efforts
  • Gubernatorial appointee
    Interacted with many leaders on thorny pocket book issue, learning that collobatoration is often more effective than confrontation.
  • Head of corporate Congressional lobbying
    Successfully lobbied on critical issue, learning the overwhelming importance of access and honesty in political lobbying.

Reputation for Authenticity and Support

Wayne is known for his heartfelt support of his clients’ goals, respect for their values, and dedication to their growth. He holds a B.A. cum laude in economics from Harvard and a J.D. from Yale. He is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and has received advanced training in political coaching. For three years he has written the Caskey's Corner column for smartCEO magazine.

Articles to Read

Getting Started

To learn more, or to schedule a complimentary sample session, contact Wayne Caskey.

Coaching Success Stories

Political operative in charge of 26 coalitions in statewide presidential reelection campaign was inspired to pursue his political ambition:

“The personal vision I grasped in our coaching has powered my political career ever since.”

Gubernatorial appointee to sensitive commission saw multiple ways to serve people on a larger stage:

"You sensed my talents early. Your encouragement helped me begin to realize my dreams."

Long time multi-state and congressional industry lobbyist reclaimed his independence professionally and personally:

"Packaging isn’t as important as authenticity. I’m reconnecting with integrity as a result of our relationship."

Long time member of Capital Beltway in-groups revitalized his professional and personal life:

"There is no experience I can’t relate to you. You are amazingly empathetic. As a result I now have the confidence to be outspoken on issues that are important to me."


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